Azure Power Shell 

Powershell Az module

Installing AZ module in PowerShell Importing AZ module in PowerShell   Connecting to your azure account in PowerShell, use the following command.This will redirect you to browser to login into your account   You can use azcontext command to see what kind of azure environment we are logged in right now   If you have multiple subscriptions and to select any one of the subscriptions using the following command : Selecting a specific resource group based on location by using the filtering technique in PowerShell Creating a new resource group Creating…

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Azure Cloud Shell series 1

Azure Cloud Shell is an interactive, authenticated, browser-accessible shell for managing Azure resources. It provides the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work, either Bash or PowerShell. Accessing Cloud Shell can be done in two ways mainly Accessing the cloud shell from the Azure Portal Once you have selected any of the methods you will be promoted to ask to choose any shell of your preference. You can choose either Bash or PowerShell. I will be focusing on PowerShell in this tutorial. You…

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